Playing the (Waiting) Game

Waiting is, unfortunately, a big part of living.

With all the dvances in technology, we wait less and less for our everyday needs and wants. The more I think about it though, there are many benefits to waiting. Do not tell those that have been stuck at airports from the Icelandic volcano eruption that I said waiting is good, just wait for them to get back and then break the news to them 🙂

There is some kind of natural process of waiting that we in modern times cannot seem to accept.

Instead of waiting for summer to come, we heat our homes and have Hawaiian luau parties in the middle of the winter to get our minds off the grayness. I can certainly sympathize, especially after living in the gray Midwest of the United States for most of my life. We as humans have the definite drive or at least want to change our environments to make our life easier. Modern cities, bridges, and trains are such examples. But having perpetual summer would undermine your real appreciation of the coming of summer, would it not? That doesn’t mean for every gray winter day you don’t really want to see that sunshine. So what’s the lifehack – what is the real good choice? Waiting for summer, or building summer?

I am beginning to believe that my blog is a sort of organic Lifehack blog.

It is the preventative and holistic medicine of blogging, it is not the super high tech iLife blog style many of my contemporaries seem to espouse. I do derive much inspiration from them, surely. Recommending better ways to get connected to make life more “convenient” from a strictly technological perspective simply is not my vision for quality of life in the future for myself and for my readers.

So how does a person revert to waiting after a life of not waiting?

Well, simply put, you can’t, and really, you shouldn’t. I personally am not going to abandon the convenience of Google when I look up videos on the squash tactics. Yes, I ask real people, but these real people are not always around. However, as individuals, there are things in our lives that we will always wait for.

Right now I am waiting for many different things that I simply cannot make move faster and would probably sabotage if I tried. One of these is my job as an Ambulance (Paramedic for my fellow Anglophones) which I have recently applied for after a few months of unnecessary bureaucracy and lots and lots of waiting.

The lifehack of accepting waiting is that you can use that time to cherish the other things in life.

The game is built to be played slowly with many detours. Before Day Zero of my new self, I would never have understood that (as a hypothetical example), taking a camping road trip would lead to the job opportunity I have been waiting for, and at the same time, staying at home wondering about the job would inevitably NOT get me that job! But the Universe is amazing, and it DOES work like that when you follow what gives yourself pleasure.

Now, I actually ENJOY waiting, because I think of all the other things I can accomplish besides my one major (very, very minor on a large timeline) goal. This doesn’t mean becoming complacent or lazy. Keep tabs on your progress, but how many times you check up on it does not really matter. What you do in your everyday life will change the outcome, however, because your emotions will be in line with the type of life you lead. The slow outcomes seem to be the surest and truest ones. Be sure to be the player you want to be. Be your own sponsor, be your own coach and your own fan. The game to be played will come one day, but it is not today. And every game is just a test, it is never a final.