Cyber Backgammon

There are surprising opportunities for both land and cyber Backgammon games & Gambling at Backgammon. Believe it or not, some think heads actually have positive expectations with precise play.

On land, there are even a handful of people who play Backgammon gambling professionally, and a lot more who play for comps or supplementary income. How could that be? Industry planners recognize that few people play well enough to win in the long run, but knowledge that beatable online backgammon exists pulls in a whole new clientele of discerning gamblers. online backgammon casinos can limit their vulnerability by attracting more players to the site. A high-pay online console may be put in for publicity, then removed once enough skilled players start pounding it around the clock. More commonly, there will be a very few magnet applications to lure in customers, most of whom end up at short-games. Once casinos get warm bodies through the door, there are all sorts of other ways to get their money online.

Backgammon is a game of relatively few rules and easily understood objectives. Play begins with the men, or checkers, as in this diagram. Notice that the setup is exactly identical for each 1player: the black’s setup is a mirror image of the white’s.

Each player will try to bring all of his men onto his home board and then to take them off the board. The player who gets all of his men off first is the winner. As indicated by the arrows in Diagram 1.1, the white men move counterclockwise, while the black men move clockwise.

Starting the Game

Each player rolls one die. The player who rolls the higher number moves first. The first roll will be the combination of the two dice. After the first move, each player rolls his own dice to determine his moves. In the event that both dice are the same, that is, doubles, the process of rolling the dice is repeated.

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