(BLOGGERS PICK) Cinders Game Review and Developer Interview

The characters themselves are truly an enjoyable cast. I kept thinking how the characters were made with great depth. It’s hard for me to fully explain, but from time to time, when you read reviews, some of them would write that the story or characters in the game were pretty shallow or hollow. That statement is a complete opposite of how the characters are in Cinders which was why I opted to use great depth to describe them. For example: certain characters, when I established a good relationship with them, the vulnerability and growth that I saw from characters were, I believe, greatly expressed through dialog and change of facial expression and music. I got emotionally invested in the characters. I felt like the characters struggles and triumphs were conveyed so well that I found myself trying to be in their shoes. I was carefully thinking about the choices I must make and kept asking myself, would I feel the same way as them if I were put in a similar situation? I really like that the characters were very human. The characters, main or supporting, were able to make an impression on me. Personally, Sophia is one of my most favorite because of her evil twisted sense of humor.

Cinders: And contrary to your REAL children, I am not afraid to think and speak for myself!

I’m a raggedy but strong, independent, red-haired woman.

Since we’re still in the character topic, let’s talk about the heroin in this game. The first thing I noticed with Cinders (this games Cinderella), was that she wasn’t the timid martyr usually depicted in other versions. Sure she still gets the abuse and mistreatment, however, she snarks back and stands up for herself. She is also not very gentle and depending on how you want her to act, she can possibly even be a little bundle of darkness. I’ve read from some people who played the game that they do appreciate feisty Cinders, however, some of them said that she exudes TOO much strong, independent, woman. I actually do see what they mean, but I dont think its too much because there were valid reasons why she acted in that manner. Also, as I mentioned, it all depends on your choices, my first playthrough, my Cinders was strong yet understanding and insightful. The second playthrough, because of choices I’ve made, she was a bit of a brat that I wanted to shake. How Cinders grow up as a woman rests entirely in your hands yo~