(BLOGGERS PICK) Cinders Game Review and Developer Interview 2

Cinders Got Game, Daayyuummm.

Yeah, I did mention that you can get yourself a hunkaboo in the game that doesn’t need to be the Prince, so you have other options on who to romance. Actually, I’m pretty sure you can flirt with all the possible candidates if you wanted to (I was more of an eye on the price type of Cinder. Once she had her sights on the guy she wants to hunter woo, she 100% only had him in her crosshatch). I always found it funny when Cinders was basically manhandling them with words and the fellas get all abashed. So cute. I was going to put a picture for this, but I really don’t want to spoil it.

Witty Dialogues That Made Me L.O.L and Go Aww You Poor Thing

I love love love the dialogues in this game. I laughed so much. Also the banter between conversing characters were indeed witty and smart. One of my most favorite was when Sophia pissed Cinders off by insinuating she knows that Cinders had a side job that people would usually find in red districts. Of course, not everything in the game is humorous so I did find myself feeling torn and pity for some of the characters when they start having inner dialogue or self explanations. Heck, sometimes, I found myself surprised because I would start feeling, as I mentioned earlier, sympathy. I can’t say too much without possibly ruining the stories. However, having played this game two times (going on my third), characters act and react differently on certain scenarios and choices so not everything is set on stone.

Cinders: Come inside before anyone sees you! Do you want to be a reason for domestic violence by provoking Carmosa into ripping me to pieces?

Final Verdict

I was pleasantly surprised with this game. I really never thought I would enjoy it as much I did and would keep replaying it. Everything was put together marvelously from the uniquely gorgeous motion graphics artstyle to the character depth and development. I was faced with so many moral obstacles that I would take a long time deciding on how I want to progress in the game. I’m going on my third and I’m not tired of the game yet. The good thing about it is that it gives you a signal when you’ve hit a new branch/fork in the game so if you don’t want to read the dialogues you’ve already read before you can just keep clicking til you see the signal and experience new scenarios. I was really absorbed into the game. I also like how even though the situations and decisions were, as I mentioned, very human, I still had a sense of being inside a fairytale book. I also really appreciate this version of Cinderella, especially the fact that depending on what I decide, MY Cinderella’s personality would get affected. I would honestly really recommend this especially if you’re a bookworm or just want to try something new. The game is pretty pricey for some people, but I personally feel it’s worth the money especially since I’m going on my 3rd try and since it IS still a novel, I know I would go back to playing this game from time to time again.