Cyber Backgammon

There are surprising opportunities for both land and cyber Backgammon games & Gambling at Backgammon. Believe it or not, some think heads actually have positive expectations with precise play.

On land, there are even a handful of people who play Backgammon gambling professionally, and a lot more who play for comps or supplementary income. How could that be? Industry planners recognize that few people play well enough to win in the long run, but knowledge that beatable online backgammon exists pulls in a whole new clientele of discerning gamblers. online backgammon casinos can limit their vulnerability by attracting more players to the site. A high-pay online console may be put in for publicity, then removed once enough skilled players start pounding it around the clock. More commonly, there will be a very few magnet applications to lure in customers, most of whom end up at short-games. Once casinos get warm bodies through the door, there are all sorts of other ways to get their money online.

Backgammon is a game of relatively few rules and easily understood objectives. Play begins with the men, or checkers, as in this diagram. Notice that the setup is exactly identical for each 1player: the black’s setup is a mirror image of the white’s.

Each player will try to bring all of his men onto his home board and then to take them off the board. The player who gets all of his men off first is the winner. As indicated by the arrows in Diagram 1.1, the white men move counterclockwise, while the black men move clockwise.

Starting the Game

Each player rolls one die. The player who rolls the higher number moves first. The first roll will be the combination of the two dice. After the first move, each player rolls his own dice to determine his moves. In the event that both dice are the same, that is, doubles, the process of rolling the dice is repeated.

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Symptoms of gambling addiction

What is gambling? Gambling is an uncertain event where people wager their money or their stakes in order to win more additional money or stakes in a very quick time. Thus, it mainly requires three qualities, i.e. chance, prize, and consideration. The result of this event is often immediate. In this probability biased game, a single roll of a dice can give the chance to win more or can make you lose all of your money and even the property.

If addiction is the cause of woes, then prolonged addiction is even worse as it slowly eats people. A person who is addicted to something does not know the sins he is already committed to himself. One such mausoleum addiction is gambling and it develops slowly over the years. Gambling is a game of probability, one relies on his luck on the first day and from the next moment, it will make him busy to keep trying to get money. But he may not meet the success every time and thus the addiction grows.

Addiction of gambling does not harm physically, but it completely changes a person mentally. It can cause problems in personal life or can affect the work prospects and the financial status. Gambling can also cause some serious health problems such as stress, depression, and anxiety.

People who are addicted to gambling often face a problem regarding money. Continuous losses in the game make them face this problem and it often turns them into the kind of person who is always ready for anything just to acquire money. This makes them left with no options but to steal money from the relatives or friends. This can be worse when a person will start stealing money from his children’s tuition fees or from the family savings. This addiction is so bad that just to continue gambling, many people tend to mortgage their house, properties and even the jewelry of their family members. Gambling makes people drain their bank in order to play more and more. The other symptoms are a headache, fatigue, trembling, sweating, sleeping disorders, memory loss, and gastrointestinal problems.  A good assessment test to take is The South Oaks Gambling Screen (SOGS). This was created by Henry Lesieur & Sheila Blume, as a test to determine if an individual is a compulsive gambler. The test is made up of 20 questions based on the DSM-III criteria for pathological gambling. The great thing about this test is that it can also be done in the comfort in your own home.

Having a serious addiction to gambling also may cause many psychological problems. An addicted person may become angry and frustrated due to heavy loss or in the game or can experience mood swings. These types of serious affect grow mainly because of compulsive gambling. Domestic violence also becomes a part of that person’s life. As the addiction and losses in the game increases, it becomes very difficult for a person to arrange or fund money. Sometimes compulsive gambling also leads towards aggressive feelings and inferiority. Despite all those effects, the most dangerous effect of gambling addiction is thoughts of suicide. It is seen that fight with professional and personal life, committing crime and tensions of not being able to pay or arrange the money often leads a person to commit suicide.

So, it is your responsibility if you are a relative or friend of a gambling-addicted person, do not waste any more time and simply get in touch with the best organization that excels in gambling treatment therapy. Your try may save a person from committing suicide and even can bring him back to the right track of the life.


Playing the (Waiting) Game

Waiting is, unfortunately, a big part of living.

With all the dvances in technology, we wait less and less for our everyday needs and wants. The more I think about it though, there are many benefits to waiting. Do not tell those that have been stuck at airports from the Icelandic volcano eruption that I said waiting is good, just wait for them to get back and then break the news to them 🙂

There is some kind of natural process of waiting that we in modern times cannot seem to accept.

Instead of waiting for summer to come, we heat our homes and have Hawaiian luau parties in the middle of the winter to get our minds off the grayness. I can certainly sympathize, especially after living in the gray Midwest of the United States for most of my life. We as humans have the definite drive or at least want to change our environments to make our life easier. Modern cities, bridges, and trains are such examples. But having perpetual summer would undermine your real appreciation of the coming of summer, would it not? That doesn’t mean for every gray winter day you don’t really want to see that sunshine. So what’s the lifehack – what is the real good choice? Waiting for summer, or building summer?

I am beginning to believe that my blog is a sort of organic Lifehack blog.

It is the preventative and holistic medicine of blogging, it is not the super high tech iLife blog style many of my contemporaries seem to espouse. I do derive much inspiration from them, surely. Recommending better ways to get connected to make life more “convenient” from a strictly technological perspective simply is not my vision for quality of life in the future for myself and for my readers.

So how does a person revert to waiting after a life of not waiting?

Well, simply put, you can’t, and really, you shouldn’t. I personally am not going to abandon the convenience of Google when I look up videos on the squash tactics. Yes, I ask real people, but these real people are not always around. However, as individuals, there are things in our lives that we will always wait for.

Right now I am waiting for many different things that I simply cannot make move faster and would probably sabotage if I tried. One of these is my job as an Ambulance (Paramedic for my fellow Anglophones) which I have recently applied for after a few months of unnecessary bureaucracy and lots and lots of waiting.

The lifehack of accepting waiting is that you can use that time to cherish the other things in life.

The game is built to be played slowly with many detours. Before Day Zero of my new self, I would never have understood that (as a hypothetical example), taking a camping road trip would lead to the job opportunity I have been waiting for, and at the same time, staying at home wondering about the job would inevitably NOT get me that job! But the Universe is amazing, and it DOES work like that when you follow what gives yourself pleasure.

Now, I actually ENJOY waiting, because I think of all the other things I can accomplish besides my one major (very, very minor on a large timeline) goal. This doesn’t mean becoming complacent or lazy. Keep tabs on your progress, but how many times you check up on it does not really matter. What you do in your everyday life will change the outcome, however, because your emotions will be in line with the type of life you lead. The slow outcomes seem to be the surest and truest ones. Be sure to be the player you want to be. Be your own sponsor, be your own coach and your own fan. The game to be played will come one day, but it is not today. And every game is just a test, it is never a final.

Best Ways to Stop Gambling

The medical institutes have proved it right that the gambling addiction is curable and what it needs the most is the throughout support of the family members’. There are several processes in terms of treating an addicted person but the first and most important thing is to make the addict understand his problem and the situation that he is going through. One of the common issues with all the addicts is they do not accept their case of gambling addiction easily and often they refuse to seek medical attention which makes the situation worse.

The best way to make the patient understand their problem is by rehabilitation process. The rehab session helps an addict to realize the situation. Along with the patients, the family members of the addicted person also need to go through the rehab process in order to understand what they should do to make the addict feel easier and comfortable.

It is very important to bring the addict to a recognized medical institute in time before it gets too late. It is never possible for the gamblers to get rid of the addiction by themselves because the problem needs to be addressed specifically and this can be done only by the medical staffs who are specially trained to handle the gambling addiction cases. There are a lot of institutes who offer special programs for the gamble addicts in order to make them return to their normal life. Taking to the right-center is also another important factor in the treatment process.

Casino dealer dealing blackjack, detail of hands (blurred motion)

The best way to address the gambling addiction and take care of the patient is by offering one to one session between the patient and medical staff. It helps to diagnose the problem in depth and hence the treatment can be provided according to its merit.

Nowadays the medical institutes offer quite a few one to one sessions for the patients in order to make them feel better. It is also important for the family members to give the necessary support to the patient just to make them realize that they are not isolated from the family and society.

Gambling addiction starts from isolation and failure which create stress into one’s mind. In order to get rid of the stress and forget the failure, one isolates himself from the rest and tries to make the situation normal by gambling. In the meantime what he forgets that this gambling will make the situation worse instead of making it easier to handle. Meeting with friends at regular interval and keeping contact with the family members can really help to come out of it. Being a gambling addict, one thing to be remembered in particular is that the more you try to fly away from the reality of gambling, it will grab you more and more. So do not make any excuse or deny medical attention, as the perfect treatment will help you to get rid of this devastation and make a successful return to the normal life.


(BLOGGERS PICK) Cinders Game Review and Developer Interview 3


Mr. Tom Grochowiak

What inspired you guys to start this project?

We wanted to make a visual novel (the name of this genre of games) since quite a while. We’ve played a lot of indie developed ones and loved them, but most gave a bit of an amateurish vibe and didn’t really offer much choice in shaping the storyline. We started to wonder if it would be possible to release a VN that would be more up to modern indie game standards, and with all the choices left to the player. Gracjana (the artist) came up with the Cinderella retold concept. I added the feminist angle. When we launched our indie studio, this was a natural choice for our first project.

Were there any roadblocks or challenges upon production? if so what were they?

Oh yes! Cinders was meant to be done in around half a year. Took a year and a half. Turns out big shocker that writing a script the size of two average novels takes plenty of time. Who would have thought? We’ve had problems finding a writer who would be able to dedicate that much effort towards a single project. The significant delay made us have to stretch really thin (we lived on our savings) to survive and eventually launch the game.

Were any of the characters revamped attitude inspired by anyone in real life?

Yup. The character personalities and their issues especially in the Cinders family are based on the people I know in real life. I’m not telling who’s who, though. I want to keep my friends :).

Did you guys use to work for another game company?

I worked for CD Projekt RED on The Witcher for a while. Then I moved to Codeminion a small independent company making pretty cool casual games. That’s where I’ve met Gracjana and we quickly became good friends. The company changed its focus after a few years and our whole development team was laid off. Instead of looking for another job, we decided to give indie a try.

Visually, it seems like you guys were aiming for the traditional story book like art, having said that, how was the experience of putting everything you guys planned into art?

It was lots of fun! We knew what we wanted, so things just fell into place one by one. Gracjana is an amazing and very efficient artist. We also have that level of rapport, where what she draws looks exactly like what I had in mind, without us even talking about it too much.

What did you guys hope to bring to the gamers with Cinders?

We’ve had several goals. We wanted to make a game that’s personal as opposed to epic. Focused on problems one can relate to instead of being another story of saving the world from alien threat (we love classic games, but some alternative is always nice to have). It was also important for us to create a mood that the players can sink into really feel like they are inside a fairytale. And, above all, we wanted to make a game where you actually shape the story and the protagonist’s personality with your choices.

Did you guys have any concerns while making this? What I mean is, were you guys worried how well people would accept this kind of game where most gamers look for games with the best graphics, great action, gore, etc.

Not really. Visual novels are a pretty established genre, and we knew were targeting a niche. Besides, gamers are not stupid. Almost everyone loves awesome graphics and the exhilarating joy of fast-paced action. But it doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate something different every now and then :).If anything, we were afraid how the visual novel community is going to react to the game’s art style, as its not anime, which is usually the case in the genre. The game also touches some serious issues and we were worried if we can pull it off without sounding overly preachy or simply pretentious.


(BLOGGERS PICK) Cinders Game Review and Developer Interview 2

Cinders Got Game, Daayyuummm.

Yeah, I did mention that you can get yourself a hunkaboo in the game that doesn’t need to be the Prince, so you have other options on who to romance. Actually, I’m pretty sure you can flirt with all the possible candidates if you wanted to (I was more of an eye on the price type of Cinder. Once she had her sights on the guy she wants to hunter woo, she 100% only had him in her crosshatch). I always found it funny when Cinders was basically manhandling them with words and the fellas get all abashed. So cute. I was going to put a picture for this, but I really don’t want to spoil it.

Witty Dialogues That Made Me L.O.L and Go Aww You Poor Thing

I love love love the dialogues in this game. I laughed so much. Also the banter between conversing characters were indeed witty and smart. One of my most favorite was when Sophia pissed Cinders off by insinuating she knows that Cinders had a side job that people would usually find in red districts. Of course, not everything in the game is humorous so I did find myself feeling torn and pity for some of the characters when they start having inner dialogue or self explanations. Heck, sometimes, I found myself surprised because I would start feeling, as I mentioned earlier, sympathy. I can’t say too much without possibly ruining the stories. However, having played this game two times (going on my third), characters act and react differently on certain scenarios and choices so not everything is set on stone.

Cinders: Come inside before anyone sees you! Do you want to be a reason for domestic violence by provoking Carmosa into ripping me to pieces?

Final Verdict

I was pleasantly surprised with this game. I really never thought I would enjoy it as much I did and would keep replaying it. Everything was put together marvelously from the uniquely gorgeous motion graphics artstyle to the character depth and development. I was faced with so many moral obstacles that I would take a long time deciding on how I want to progress in the game. I’m going on my third and I’m not tired of the game yet. The good thing about it is that it gives you a signal when you’ve hit a new branch/fork in the game so if you don’t want to read the dialogues you’ve already read before you can just keep clicking til you see the signal and experience new scenarios. I was really absorbed into the game. I also like how even though the situations and decisions were, as I mentioned, very human, I still had a sense of being inside a fairytale book. I also really appreciate this version of Cinderella, especially the fact that depending on what I decide, MY Cinderella’s personality would get affected. I would honestly really recommend this especially if you’re a bookworm or just want to try something new. The game is pretty pricey for some people, but I personally feel it’s worth the money especially since I’m going on my 3rd try and since it IS still a novel, I know I would go back to playing this game from time to time again.

(BLOGGERS PICK) Cinders Game Review and Developer Interview

The characters themselves are truly an enjoyable cast. I kept thinking how the characters were made with great depth. It’s hard for me to fully explain, but from time to time, when you read reviews, some of them would write that the story or characters in the game were pretty shallow or hollow. That statement is a complete opposite of how the characters are in Cinders which was why I opted to use great depth to describe them. For example: certain characters, when I established a good relationship with them, the vulnerability and growth that I saw from characters were, I believe, greatly expressed through dialog and change of facial expression and music. I got emotionally invested in the characters. I felt like the characters struggles and triumphs were conveyed so well that I found myself trying to be in their shoes. I was carefully thinking about the choices I must make and kept asking myself, would I feel the same way as them if I were put in a similar situation? I really like that the characters were very human. The characters, main or supporting, were able to make an impression on me. Personally, Sophia is one of my most favorite because of her evil twisted sense of humor.

Cinders: And contrary to your REAL children, I am not afraid to think and speak for myself!

I’m a raggedy but strong, independent, red-haired woman.

Since we’re still in the character topic, let’s talk about the heroin in this game. The first thing I noticed with Cinders (this games Cinderella), was that she wasn’t the timid martyr usually depicted in other versions. Sure she still gets the abuse and mistreatment, however, she snarks back and stands up for herself. She is also not very gentle and depending on how you want her to act, she can possibly even be a little bundle of darkness. I’ve read from some people who played the game that they do appreciate feisty Cinders, however, some of them said that she exudes TOO much strong, independent, woman. I actually do see what they mean, but I dont think its too much because there were valid reasons why she acted in that manner. Also, as I mentioned, it all depends on your choices, my first playthrough, my Cinders was strong yet understanding and insightful. The second playthrough, because of choices I’ve made, she was a bit of a brat that I wanted to shake. How Cinders grow up as a woman rests entirely in your hands yo~